Everything you need to know

What are your hours?

Our Hours of Operation are:

  • SUNDAY - 9am to 9pm

  • MONDAY - 9am to 9pm

  • TUESDAY - 9am to 9pm

  • WEDNESDAY - 9am to 9pm

  • THURSDAY - 9am to 10pm

  • FRIDAY - 9am to 10pm

  • SATURDAY - 9am to 10pm

During these hours we host open sessions, private classes and public classes!

Is there parking? How much is parking?

Parking is FREE across the street at Alamitos Bay Marina on a first come first serve basis! 


Visitors will automatically receive the first 90 minutes free without validation.  Standard rates apply after the first 90 minutes: 

  • $2.00 every 20 minutes

  • $30.00 Daily Maximum

  • $30.00 Lost Ticket

Visit https://2ndandpch.com/parking/ for more information!

Do I need a mask?

Masks are required on the 2nd & PCH property including the Roller Rink. You may remove your mask while drinking water in designated areas of the rink.

What Covid-19 precautions are you taking?

You can see our COVID-19 precautions plan here

Are rental skates available?

Rental skates are an additional $10.00 during public skate sessions but are included in the price of our instructed classes. We have sizes J6 to Men's 15.

Can we bring our own skates? What kind of wheels are best for the floor?

We encourage you to bring your own skates if you have them but rentals are available. All wheels will perform great on our polished concrete surface. From 78a outdoor wheels to 103a indoor wheels. Most staff prefer the Moxi Fundae wheels found here.

Can I purchase skates at the rink?

There will be a very limited selection of roller skates for sale at our Pop Up Shop just outside of the Roller Rink. For a larger selection visit our main shop Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop first at 2148 East 4th Street in Long Beach, just a short drive from the Rink.

Do I have to pay if I don't intend on skating?

If you want to enter the Rink you will have to purchase a ticket. With that ticket you have access to enter the Rink and participate. There are seats if you would like to watch and not skate.

Is there a place to sit or rest?

Yes, we have benches and small tables inside the rink where you can put your skates on, take them off, rest, watch skaters, etc. These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Do you have a store? What gear do you sell? 

We have a Pop Up Shop inside the rink. It will be stocked with skate accessories, safety gear, merchandise, socks, hardware (toe stops, wheels, bearings, etc.), and even a limited selection of roller skates! Our main store, PIGEON'S ROLLER SKATE SHOP (est. 2013) is located nearby at 2148 E 4th St in Long Beach. You can visit https://pigeonskates.com/ for all of your skating needs! 

Do you have a concession/ food & beverage stand?

We sell water bottles for $1. Besides water, no food or beverages are allowed in our rink. You can enjoy your food and beverages outside of the rink on our patio furniture. The 2nd & PCH property also boasts numerous food and beverage facilities to access before or after you skate!

Is alcohol allowed at the rink?

No alcohol is allowed on the Rink, nor any beverage other than water.

How much are public open skate sessions?

The entry fee for an open session ranges between $15-$30 depending on day/time/length of session. Themed nights and special events can sometimes go up/down in price so keep that in mind when purchasing tickets. 

Where can I find out about instructed skate classes?

To learn about what classes we offer please visit our website's "SCHEDULE" tab. Link is here: https://www.pigeonsrollerrink.com/schedule-1

Can I have a private party at the Rink?

Yes! We would love to host your private party! Please contact us at rink@pigeonskates.com or check us out here.

How do I make a reservation at the venue for an event?

To enter our venue we recommend you book a reservation. This way if the session or class gets canceled for weather or emergencies you will be directly contacted prior. Book reservations online at www.pigeonsrollerrink.com

What type of music is played at the rink?

Nonexplicit music will be played at the Rink. Playlists are a variety of pop and classic hit. Look out for our themed nights to skate to specific types of music (Emo Night, 80's Night, Latin Night, etc).

Do you have bathrooms?

Yes, and they're gorgeous! Bathrooms are available outside of the Roller Rink across the walk way. You cannot skate outside of the Rink. To use the restroom you will need to remove your skates before exiting the Rink. When you return you must check back in at the front desk. If there is a line you must start at the back.

Can we exit and enter the rink? Do you allow re-entry?

You may exit and re-enter the Rink during your reservation time but you will have to check in at the front desk again with each entry. If there is a line you will have to start at the back of the line to re-enter.

Is there an age limit?

Most of our open skate sessions are all ages. All evening open skate sessions  are 18+ unless stated otherwise. Classes offered will vary in age depending on class and instructor. See class descriptions on our schedule for additional details!


The 2nd & PCH property offers all our guests free WiFi. Enjoy!

Do you offer lockers?

We do not offer lockable lockers but we have cubbies to put your items in while you skate. Please leave valuable belongings in your locked car or leave them at home if you can.

What payments do you accept?

We accept most major payment methods including but not limited to: American Express, cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Apple Pay. 

Do you have medical personnel available in the event of injury?

In the case of an injury you will be attended to by trained, non-professional medical staff.

How do I cancel/refund my ticket?

While we do not offer refunds, we can change your reservation to another time or date. Please send an email to rink@pigeonskates.com for any inquiries regarding your booking. Please have your booking information included in the email. You can find our refund policy here.